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The Supported Employment Consultancy Service For People with Disabilities.

The Services offered by Career Moves:

Clients receive:

  • Individualised Career Planning
  • Direct Work Entry
  • Ongoing Support
  • Universal Eligibility
  • Employment Focus
  • Career Options

Employers receive:

  • Employees who are carefully matched to the requirements of the worksite.
  • Comprehensive Jobsite Analysis.
  • Assistance with adaptive equipment workplace modification and job restructuring.
  • On site support to facilitate successful job performance and integration into the work setting.
  • An ongoing support service for as long as required.

The Six Principles of Supported Employment...

  1. Open Employment

    The employment and inclusion of people with disability in the mainstream workforce.

  2. Wages & Benefits

    The provision of the same wages and related conditions of employment that are the expected norm in any mainstream workplace.

  3. Placement First

    Direct access to the labour market through a precise job/person match and without prolonged “getting ready” activities or training.

  4. Inclusiveness

    No exclusions or screening from supported employment programmes on the basis of perceived “severity” of disability.

  5. Individualised ongoing support

    Support services and strategies that are not time limited but are tailored to the individuals needs, and maximise job retention.

  6. Choices and Career Development

    Services and outcomes based on the preferences and aspirations of the individual and a commitment to ongoing pursuit of careers.

How do you get help from career moves?

  1. You fill in a Career Moves Referral Form.
  2. We set up a Referral Meeting between you and Career Moves (this meeting takes about an hour).
  3. Following this meeting...
    • If you decide that we are the right people to work with and...
    • We agree with you, you will be registered with Career Moves.
  4. Whenever possible an Employment
    • Consultant will work with you straight away.
    • However... If we are already working with as many people as we can, there will be a wait before an Employment Consultant is available.
    • During this time, we would expect you to keep looking for work and contact us if you find a job.
    • We will contact you if someone offers a job that we feel may suit.
  5. When an Employment Consultant is appointed to you:
    • A full Career Plan will be made,
    • Active job search will happen,
    • A job match will be made and
    • Ongoing support for you in work will be arranged according to your individual needs.

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