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 Transition from School to the Community
Information for students, families, whanau and teachers.

Career Moves Transition

Once on the Transition Programme the student is guided through a planned process which sees them working towards their future goals.

Focus can be on paid employment or equally on accessing and participating in community based services.

The Transition Coordinator will work with the student, their family/whanau, teachers and other supports, as appropriate, in developing a Transition Plan.

If the plan is work focused then the student will be guided through a work book program. If the plan is focused on community participation then the Transition Coordinator will assist in brokering access to appropriate community services.

Our objective is to help create a smooth transition from the students life at school into their new life in the community.

How it works

A Transistion Programme from school to the community is now available for a number of students with Disability.

This Programme can benefit the Student in many ways

  • A clearer understanding of what support is available in the community.
  • A planned pathway from school into the community.
  • Development of new skills and enhancement of social competencies.
  • Raised self-esteem through participation in work experience.
  • With work experience behind them the student will be better able to make an informed choice for their future in employment.
  • With an understanding of the community the student and family can make an informed choice of services


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