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Organisational Information on Career Moves Trust

Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of those people who face disabling barriers to employment by supporting them to gain and sustain a career through the use of Supported Employment services.

Career Moves Trust was established in July of 2000 to work with people who have disability and a desire to be employed. Career Moves Trust is Hamilton’s only stand-alone Supported Employment service designed to respond to the increasing demand for real employment by people with a disability. Since our establishment we have successfully placed and are currently supporting many people who may otherwise have been unemployed.

Career Moves Trust is a registered charitable trust that has been successful in receiving some funds for its work from the Ministry of Social Development. This funding allows Career Moves Trust to work with a number of people with a disability but it also relies on the support of the Hamilton and Waikato community. In addition to the MSD funding Career Moves Trust has received grants and donations from generous supporters who have recognised the value of its work. These organisations have been: Castle Trust, Community Employment group, Donny Trust, D.V. Bryant Trust, J.R. McKenzie Trust, Lion Foundation, Scottwood Trust, Te Wairua Trust,  and Trust Waikato.

Career Moves has Supported Employment as its core work. This is directly aligned with the governments “Pathways to Inclusion” policy which plans to see people with a disability participating fully in their communities. In employment this means real jobs for real pay.

Career Moves Trust is a full member of the Association of Supported Employment in New Zealand (ASENZ) and offers a Supported Employment programme based on the principles of supported employment as defined by ASENZ.

These principles are:

  • open waged employment.

         Supported employment is based upon the open labour market; same rewards, same condiotions as everyone else.

  • individualised - based upon partnership.

          Support employment services are expected to meet a client's individual support needs, (whether employer or job

          seeker). They fundamentally represent a partnership.


  • direct access to employment pathways.

          Supported employment services will facilitate direct access to the labour market (optimally within 4 weeks) developing

          and utilising a precise job / person match - without insistance upon prolonged "getting ready" activities or prevocational 


  • services; socially inclusive outcomes.

          No clients will be "screened out" or denied access based upon a perceived severity of challenge or disadvantage.

  • "lifematch" through choices.

          Work is a means to an end and should complement and enhance a person's life and well-being, and the achievement of

          their aspirations and potential

  • ongoing workplace support.

          support services and strategies are designed to to achieve the best possible outcome for both the employer and the

          employee, and promote the development of natural supports, which may lead to the withdrwal of formal support services.


Career Moves Trust supports around a hundred people with a disability who have had little or no work experience. Many of these people have spent much of their adult lives in instutionalised care or sheltered workshops. For them the experience of obtaining and retaining work in real jobs for real wages was unlikely without the support of Career Moves Trust.

Transition from School to the Community is part of Career Moves commitment to supporting disabled people into employment.  In order for students with a disability to be able to make an informed choice about which career path they would like to follow on leaving school a transition programme directed at the three possible outcomes of work, further education and community participation is operated in collaboration with many secondary schools in Hamilton and the north Waikato.

Career Moves Trust has offered the facilitation of the Diploma in Supported Employment and the co-presentation of the introduction to Supported Employment training. Professional Supervision of other Supported Employment practitioners is available to others striving to be innovative in the arena of employment for people with a disability.

As individual staff and as an organisation Career Moves participates wherever possible in training, collaborative activities and the promotion of the right of people with disabilities to take their place beside their contemporaries in their community.

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