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Brief History Of the Career Moves Transition Service

Since its inception in 2000 Career Moves has been proactive in promoting and driving the concept of a planned Transition for students leaving school.  It has provided its own Transition service to students since that time.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) came on board in 2003 to become the major funder of the Career Moves Transition Service. 

Career Moves realised that while there is no argument for readiness training for people wanting to look for work there is a need for many students to gain a practical insight into the requirements of work and workplace culture.

We believe that the Transition planning should begin at age 14 with the more intensive programme itself running for the students final two years of school. People should be leaving school at an equivalent time as their peers and not automatically waiting until they turn 21.  We recognise that the transition phase does not stop on the students final day of school, therefore we fund-raise separately so that we have monies to provide a service which fully meets the students, and family/whanau, needs by extending into the year following their end of schooling.

Much can change in those first few months after leaving school and our Transition Coordinator is there to support and walk alongside the student and their supporters in aiding a seamless move into the adult world of the community in general.

Transition is a complete process tailored to the individual student and their families needs.  It is not a matter of offering them the same work experiences as their class-mates then directing them to a community based provider on leaving school or introducing them to a day service provider for an increasing number of days per week, building up over the last school year.

Career Moves Transition Service works with and walks alongside the student, and their family where applicable, so that by the end of their schooling they can make informed decisions about what it is they want to do when leaving school and who in the community can help them with this.  It becomes a learning process from which they take new knowledge, networks and contacts which can assist should they need to make further life changes in the future

In 2006 the MSD bought in the new criteria that they would fund Transition only for students who are in receipt of Ongoing Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS) funding.  This bought Transition to a new group of students.  While many were typical of students we had traditionally worked with, there were others who while capable of acquiring employment with support would be looking at work playing a minimal part of their future daily lives.  These people and their families are in need of practical service coordination and brokerage plus some hands on social work support.  

The Transition Coordinator can assist by introducing them the potential service providers; walk them through processes such as making a referral for service, applying for a Needs Assessment, interacting with agencies such as Work & Income and connecting with community services.

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