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How the Career Moves System Works


  1. Referrals are received directly from the potential client or from a referral agent such as a family member, Residential Service etc.
  2. Eligibility meeting. This takes place within two weeks of the referral being received by Career Moves if there is some doubt as to the eligibility of the applicant for Supported Employment. The intention of the meeting is to:    determine eligibility, advise of other job finding options while on the waiting list and to indicate the likely waiting period. The applicant will be asked to confirm their wish to be on the waiting list\
  3. A position on the waiting list or a place with Career Moves will be offered subject to proof of eligibility.

    Following a decision being made as to whether Career Moves is the appropriate service to support the applicant in their search for employment one of two things will happen:

    1. The applicant will immediately receive individual support, should a place be available on an Employment Consultants Case-load. (See (5) onwards). This is permanent ongoing support. Or:
    2. The applicant goes onto the Waiting List. If the client wishes they can send in their CV, Certificates and qualifications to accompany their Referral details.

    Note - no active Employment consultant support is given at this time i.e. there is no Career Plan constructed and there is no time allocated to individual job search.

    The client is encouraged to job search for themselves with their own support networks. Other Supported Employment services and Employment services are identified for them.

    Career Moves may contact the client should an employer approach us with a possible job opportunity.

    Occasional telephone enquiries to Career Moves by the client on the Waiting list to check their status is encouraged
  4. Referral Interview takes place:
    • The manager plus one other Career Moves Staff-member conduct the initial referral interview.
    • The applicant can attend alone or with support.
    • There is no need to bring anything to the interview.
    • The interview will last approximately one hour; an explanation of how Career Moves operates, questions about the applicant’s interests as well as work experiences will be asked.
    • There will be opportunities to ask questions.
  5. The client will receive Individual Intensive Support if either:

    a place becomes available:
    1. either through someone in that group leaving,
    2. or moving into the Maintenance Pool of Clients,
    3. or through more funding for places occurring.
    they are successful at identifying a probable job opportunity, and inform Career Moves in ample time for support to be organised. 

    Should this job application prove successful, with long-term prospects, permanent support as part of the Individual Intensive Support group will be given; otherwise the client resumes their place on the Waiting List.
  6. One of the Career Moves team will be designated your Employment Consultant. The Employment Consultant is the person who will support you throughout the job Search and after you have a job. Other staff might be called on to give you support at times but your Employment Consultant will be your point of contact with Career Moves.
  7. A Career profile is created. You and others, who you indicate have a meaningful contribution to make to create a clear picture of what your strengths and challenges are, create this. Work experiences, educational achievements and barriers to employment you have encountered previously, temperament, and particular aptitudes all contribute to helping in the creation of a good Career Plan.

    Information for this Career Profile is gathered in a variety of ways e.g. via a questionnaire and a variety of types of planning meetings.
  8. You create a Career Plan with the help of the Employment Consultant, if necessary. This is to clearly show the goals that you will be supported to achieve by Career Moves.

  9. This is a process of that can involve a variety of approaches e.g.
    • Networking with other services and agencies
    • Cold Calling employers
    • Responding to advertised positions
    • Employer approach to Career Moves
    • Job carving/Shaping

  10. This is when the client is in the job of their choice i.e. it matches their goals in terms of:
    • Type of work
    • Hours of work
    • Within the supportable capabilities
    • Acceptable pay level
    • Prospects for advancement

  11. The minimum amount of support is in place to enable the client to learn to do their new job. This support is appropriate and is respectful of the dignity of the client/worker. This support is dependent on the needs of the individual.
  12. An assurance is made by Career Moves that support will be long term but unobtrusive and will vary according to the needs of the individual.
  13. At some point the client/worker will indicate that they no longer require regular support e.g. anything other than a telephone contact. The client may have had an extended period in stable employment and does not consider changing their work in the foreseeable future. This person then goes into the Maintenance Pool.

    The client may also wish to end their relationship with Career Moves completely and exit the service.

    Both these eventualities create an opportunity for a new client to move off our Waiting list into the Individual Intensive Support group.

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